AP TEMPLES INFO.COM     gives the  totol   information  about all  the
 temples of Andhra Pradesh. It provides the   temple's videos,   temple's
 photos and   also the  temple's   history  from    village   level  temples to
famous temples.   Andhra Pradesh  is the   centre    for    many    famous
temples.   There are   many   historical   temples which are not known for
 many people.    AP TEMPLES INFO.COM  has the   history,photos,videos,
edicts of these temples.
                   Gov'(cow) is the sacred animal for Hindus.Now-a-days, people do not  know the greatness of  that  'Gov'(cow). So, information about the importance of  'Gov'(cow) is presented in this site.So many devotees established gosala's  to save and to pray the 'Gov'(cow).This temple site provides the total information about  gosala's  presented  in Andhra Pradesh.
                       Many hindu organisations  are providing the services  to the people.AP TEMPLES INFO.COM  provides the information, addresses and the services of these organisations. Hinduism,Hindu dharma's,veda's,purana's,vratha's etc.Information is provided by this site.                       

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